Painter's diary

Painter's diary

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This blog shows some recent work that is not on the website and work in progress.

Craft Fair

PaintingsPosted by Debbie Craddock 18 Mar, 2018 17:13
This is my stall at Flitton's Craft Fair today in Wallington. It was a very friendly place with lots of regular stall holders who were very welcoming. I didn't expect the weather to be freezing with snow on the ground in March but we had some customers and I sold some cards. I am hoping to attend again in May when hopefully the weather will be better.

Pen and ink 2

PaintingsPosted by Debbie Craddock 20 Jan, 2018 12:05
This teasel was found while walking on Pulborough Brooks in April last year. I liked it because the teasel head is at an interesting angle which gives the plant character.
The main challenge we transporting such a prickly specimen home!

Pen and Ink

PaintingsPosted by Debbie Craddock 19 Jan, 2018 19:16
Now winter is here and there is no colour around I have returned some to pen and ink drawing as the subjects around at this time of year are suited to this medium. Here is a recent drawing of a Douglas fir cone I have completed. I drew it magnified to 1.75 it normal size so it makes more of an impact.


PaintingsPosted by Debbie Craddock 27 Dec, 2017 19:32
Today I was making these cards for a craft stall I am doing in March. They are a series of original pansy paintings I did last winter. Most of the cards I sell are prints of paintings but these are the original watercolours.

The teasel is currently being used for a pen and ink study.

Oak Study

PaintingsPosted by Debbie Craddock 12 Dec, 2017 19:46
A small study of oak before all the leaves lose their Autumn colours. Again on cold pressed, this photograph shows the texture of the paper. The Silver Maple below has had the shadow on the background erased which means that the texture of the paper does not show in the photograph.

Autumn Leaf

PaintingsPosted by Debbie Craddock 26 Nov, 2017 18:36
I love autumn leaves and this beautiful leaf is from a Silver Maple. It is painted on cold pressed paper to give it more texture than hot pressed paper.

Mushroom weekend

PaintingsPosted by Debbie Craddock 13 Nov, 2017 20:48
I spent last weekend at West Dean College near Chichester painting mushrooms with tutor Mariella Baldwin. There were 12 people on the course and we painted in the Orangery located in the beautiful gardens. West Dean is a fabulous place to stay and the tutor was very informative. The light brown mushrooms were painted using only 3 colours (yellow ochre, permanent rose and cobalt blue) to mix the different shades.

Scots Pine

PaintingsPosted by Debbie Craddock 09 Nov, 2017 20:53
I have been working on this graphite study of a Scots Pine for some months. It is the only British native tree used for timber production. It has now been submitted for an exhibition of British native plants organised by the Association of British Botanical Artists which is to take place next May at Lancaster University. I will not know if it has been shortlisted until later in December.

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