Painter's diary

Painter's diary

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This blog shows some recent work that is not on the website and work in progress.

Spring Bulbs

PaintingsPosted by Debbie Craddock 01 Jan, 2019 18:58
A painting from earlier in the year. Bulbs left to right: daffodil, hyacinth, tulip . The hyacinth was very interesting to paint as it had so many different textures.

Carnival Squash

PaintingsPosted by Debbie Craddock 23 Dec, 2018 20:50
I spotted this squash outside the greengrocers in October and thought it would make a good subject because of the bright colours and patterns. It turned out to be very complex to paint because of following the structure and patterns accurately. After three attempts this the finished version.

Field bindweed on birch

PaintingsPosted by Debbie Craddock 16 Dec, 2018 10:44

A painting from late summer combining field bindweed growing up fences at Pachesham and a birch branch found on Albury Heath.

November Craft Fair

PaintingsPosted by Debbie Craddock 31 Oct, 2018 21:00
On Sunday 11th November I will be attending Flittons Garden Centre Craft Fair from 11-4pm. These are some of the original painting cards I will be selling along with printed cards from my paintings and small original framed and unframed paintings.

Autumn Oak Leaf

PaintingsPosted by Debbie Craddock 27 Aug, 2018 20:45
I picked up this oak leaf while walking in the gardens at West Dean in July. When held up to the light it had amazing colours despite just looking brown.


PaintingsPosted by Debbie Craddock 20 Aug, 2018 19:59
This is a painting of Clematis Lady Northcliffe which I purchased in the spring. It flowered early in the year and is now flowering again.

West Dean

PaintingsPosted by Debbie Craddock 29 Jul, 2018 21:22
Last week I attended weekend Colour Workshop at West Dean near Chichester with Mariella Baldwin. I chose a yellow flower to paint as yellow is a colour that is difficult to paint with and obtain the correct shadow colours. The course was excellent and I learnt a lot about working with colour e.g. mixing greys, colours for glazes, the way colours can be used for different effects.
The gardens were beautiful to walk in early mornings and evenings when we weren't painting.
I painted the Rudbeckia below.

Below is a picture from the stunning gardens.

Silver Birch

PaintingsPosted by Debbie Craddock 15 Jul, 2018 21:15
Silver Birch with Ivy and Herb Robert in watercolour with a more detailed close up below

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