Painter's diary

Painter's diary

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This blog shows some recent work that is not on the website and work in progress.


PaintingsPosted by Debbie Craddock 22 Nov, 2015 11:07
Rosehips finished today and going to be framed to submit to the SBA exhibition in April 2016. Lots of detail in the stem which I loved painting.


PaintingsPosted by Debbie Craddock 06 Nov, 2015 08:01
Last week I exhibited at the very successful North Downs Botanical Artists exhibition of which I am a member. The venue was at the Old Chapel at St Johns School in Leatherhead and it was a beautiful venue. We had lots of visitors who were very complimentary about the paintings and the venue.
I sold the paintings and the graphite study of the teasel shown below which I was delighted about.

Bhutan Pine

PaintingsPosted by Debbie Craddock 06 Oct, 2015 21:12
An image of a Bhutan pine cone drawn in graphite. The Bhutan Pine is native to the Himalayas. It was introduced to Europe in the 1830s and is found in parks and large gardens. I picked this cone up on a walk in France several years ago. It was a challenge to draw but I am pleased with the result. A candidate for next year's SBA exhibition.


PaintingsPosted by Debbie Craddock 23 Aug, 2015 21:17
The finished Clematis 'Lincoln Star' with fading flower and seedhead.

Work in Progress

PaintingsPosted by Debbie Craddock 28 Jun, 2015 12:19
I am working on several studies at present and I was working on this clematis today, adding in a seedhead with some fading petals to complete the composition. The seedhead will be a challenge to paint! The clematis is called Lincoln Star.

Winter Pansy

PaintingsPosted by Debbie Craddock 04 May, 2015 20:59
At present I have a pot of huge winter pansies outside. They failed to produce many flowers during the winter but now have an impressive display of very colourful blooms. I couldn't resist painting one.

Goat Willow

PaintingsPosted by Debbie Craddock 26 Mar, 2015 21:46
This is a commission I have just completed for a friend. It is very similar to a painting I sold last May and was painted from sprigs of of willow collected a couple of weeks ago from the same tree as last year.

SBA Exhibition

PaintingsPosted by Debbie Craddock 03 Mar, 2015 21:39
I heard today that I have had the study of Douglas Fir pictured below accepted for this exhibition which is held in Westminster Central Hall from 17-26 April.

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